Call it Hartsfield-Jackson, says Atlanta city council resolution

The name is Hartsfield-Jackson, not Hartsfield, says a proposed Atlanta City Council resolution.

If it seems like they’re splitting hairs, you may be among the many who split the name of Atlanta’s airport right where it hurts — at the hyphen.

The battle over the name of Atlanta’s airport reached its height more than a decade ago when a decision was made to change the name from Hartsfield to Hartsfield-Jackson, drawing from names of former Atlanta mayors William Hartsfield and Maynard Jackson.

Now this week, a resolution introduced in Atlanta city council demands to know why some people are still omitting the "Jackson" part of the name, citing a column by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Bill Torpy, and asks the airport manager to develop an action plan about the "name usage problem."

“The Aviation General Manager is requested to monitor and notify necessary persons to determine reasons why when using the name of the Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the name, ‘Jackson’, is often omittted, not used or overlooked,” the resolution by 12 of the 16 council members reads.