Ex-Atlantan accused of investment fraud

A Colorado woman allegedly used false promises of deals with the Atlanta Falcons, an Ivy League college and other organizations to attract investors to her technology companies, according to lawsuit filed in Atlanta by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Heidi Ann Gamer, 41, a former metro Atlanta resident, is accused of an offering fraud that generated more than $770,000 from investors in Georgia and several other states, according to the complaint filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Atlanta.

Messages left with Gamer’s attorney were not immediately returned.

The SEC contends that Gamer told investors their money would be used to get the companies started, but instead she allegedly used some of the money for personal expenses, such as trips to casinos, a vacation in Mexico, rent, and a weight-loss and fitness camp in California for an acquaintance.

Gamer allegedly told investors her companies developed smartphone apps, and that it had agreements for use of its technology with the Falcons, Dartmouth College, groups in the Bollywood film industry in India and a $2 million pact with companies in the Middle East.

The companies named in the complaint are Gamer Economic Systems and Gamer Media Partners.

Investors were promised quarterly earnings statements and royalties once Gamer’s companies turned a profit, the lawsuit said, but those payments did not occur.

The suit said some of the investors were friends and people Gamer met through support programs for substance abusers.

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