Atlanta gay publication Southern Voice back in business

Southern Voice, the Atlanta weekly newspaper that covered the gay community for more than two decades before it went out of business last November, has emerged from bankruptcy and will begin publishing again April 14.

The assets of the Voice and partner Atlanta gay publication, David, were purchased in bankruptcy court by Gaydar Magazine LLC after the collapse of the publication’s previous owner, Washington, D.C.-based Window Media LLC.

“We are looking forward to serving the community once again and are working hard to produce a quality publication,” said Matt Neumann, publisher of the Voice and David. “The public response has been amazing and many people are awaiting our return.”

The Voice, with a weekly circulation of about 25,000, struggled financially for years and was hard hit – along with all print media – by the economic downturn.

David was re-launched March 10. And the Voice's web site,, was re-launched this week, the company said in a press release.