Atlanta firm SecurAmerica has new CEO

Atlanta-based SecurAmerica, a contract security services company, has a new CEO.

D. Timothy Campbell, 50, is replacing SecurAmerica founder Frank Argenbright, Jr. as head of the company. Argenbright will stay on SecurAmerica's board, but will focus on another company he founded, AirServ Corp., where he is chairman of the board.

SecurAmerica was founded in 2005. Argenbright had previously founded Argenbright Security, a firm that provided airport security and came under fire for letting two of the four teams of Sept. 11 hijackers through airports.

AirServ, where Argenbright will remain, is an aviation outsourcing firm. SecurAmerica provides guards and monitoring to office buildings.

The new SecurAmerica CEO is a University of Georgia graduate who was last at Aramark Corp. for 12 years, and was a member of the leadership team that took that company private. He has also worked with electronic security and pest control.