Atlanta airport pedestrian bridges to cost $55 million

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport officials are seeking approval of funding for pedestrian bridges that are expected to cost a total of $55 million.

The pedestrian bridges will be built between the parking decks and the domestic terminal, allowing travelers to walk from parking to the terminal without dodging traffic. Once construction of the elevated walkways is complete, that's also expected to improve the flow of vehicles.

The pedestrian bridges were originally going to be completed in 2018 and 2019. But now, the airport expects to finish construction of the bridges in February 2021. The project ties into plans for massive curbside canopies, which are still under construction.

The Atlanta City Council last year approved $20 million in funding for pedestrian bridge pre-construction work such as escalator manufacturing and steel.

The airport has been planning to build two spans at Terminal South and two at Terminal North. The project includes escalators and elevators to a mezzanine level for entrance into the bridges.

The work is being done as part of a larger contract for parking deck reconstruction by Holder-Austin-Moody-Bryson, a joint venture of four construction companies.

Now, airport officials are seeking city council approval for an additional $35 million in the contract to complete the pedestrian bridges, which will cost a total of $55 million. The money will come from airport funds and revenue from the $4.50 passenger facility charge travelers pay for each flight.

That's in addition to the cost to construct the canopies over the curbside area, which makes up the bulk of a $265 million construction contract for terminal improvements. The $55 million for the pedestrian bridges is not included in that contract.