Singles over 60 do it better

Relationships begin in many different ways and it doesn’t always start with a first date. 

Some couples skip dating entirely and jump straight to sex. Some hang-out for months before they even kiss.

If they do decide to have an official first date, it is probably considered more significant than in the past when a first date was merely a casual meet-up. 

In their eighth annual singles survey, Match, the largest relationship company in the world, reveals that dating has become more confusing than ever thanks to shifting rules, increased technology and ever evolving attitudes about love, sex and relationships. 

According to the survey of more than 5,000 singles in the U.S., more than two-thirds (69%) are looking for something serious.

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In dating, it is now acceptable to ask someone out for a date on the same day and to split the bill. It is also acceptable to skip the date and just have sex.

But the youngsters on the scene may find themselves disappointed with these liaisons. 

It seems the best age to have sex these days is 66 for women and 64 for men. 

Or you could forget about the age thing and just have sex with a robot as one in four singles said they would. 

And while we all probably know at least one person who has declined to date someone with different political beliefs, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a potential partner about his or her political views (54 percent of singles think you should) -- but probably not on the first date -- if you have one. 

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