RHOA's Apollo Nida gives fiancee a paper towel engagement ring

Image courtesy of BravoTV.

Credit: Nedra Rhone

Credit: Nedra Rhone

Image courtesy of BravoTV.

Forget diamonds. Apollo Nida has paper. As in paper towels.

Nida, the ex-husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, apparently proposed to his fiancee with an engagement ring made of paper towels.

The post appeared a few days after Nida, who is currently in prison for financial fraud, filed for divorce against Parks .

Parks had previously indicated that she had filed for divorce and according to court documents that were unsealed this week, she has been single since July, reports TMZ .

Nida was served with papers in March while he was in prison but when he didn't respond, the judge signed off on the divorce without his signature. The judge also granted Parks physical custody of their two children until Nida finishes his eight year sentence, then he will have visitation.

In the meantime, Nida is apparently planning his life with Sherien Almufti, well in advance of his release.

According to her IG account, Almufti is a real estate investor. She's been getting plenty of (negative) attention from team Phaedra on her relationship with Nida, but appears to be taking it in stride.

Rumors of their engagement had first surfaced in mid-November when TMZ reported the story.

Sources close to RHOA told TMZ that Nida and Almufti started dating two years ago, before he went to prison. Then got engaged in late summer. Almufti reportedly lives in NJ, not far from where Nida is serving his sentence.

The TMZ source says they have both shot scenes for the next RHOA season with Nida appearing by phone.

It's all sort of deja vu-ish for Nida, who met Parks in 2009 soon after he served a five-year sentence for racketeering.

It isn't clear why Nida filed for a divorce that has already been finalized.

Last week, AJC Radio and TV Talk reporter Rodney Ho got a copy of Nida's court documents . Ho reports: The filing says they have been in a "bonafide state of separation" since June 2014. He entered prison three months later. He describes the marriage as "irretrievably broken" and "there is no hope of reconciliation." He seeks an "equitable division of all personal properties and assets accordingly."

That might help him replace that paper ring with some real bling.