It's not easy getting Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s

The unsinkable Kanye West must be floating on air this morning.

The Yeezy Boost 350s -- a collaboration between the rapper and Adidas -- has been causing an international frenzy.

The $200 shoes sold out in 12 minutes when they hit stores last June. They were being restocked for a limited time beginning Friday, February 19 at 8 a.m. EST.

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On Tuesday, shoppers in LA, NYC and Chicago had the chance to reserve a pair through the Adidas app. That lasted about 20 minutes. Everyone who had to wait until today immediately realized they were in for a wild ride.

Shoppers in Vancouver camped out to be first in line. Shoppers in Europe are up in arms because the shoe has sold out. And online shoppers began blowing up Twitter when they got locked out of online sales at Footlocker, Footaction, Champs and other retailers this morning.

Some online shoppers reported getting as far as having the shoes in their shopping carts, only to be booted from websites.

If you have no idea what the frenzy is about, here is a closer look at the shoe everyone around the world is trying to buy today.

The shoes feature a knit upper engineered to fit like a second skin and a color-coordinated sole. Only the black version is offered during the re-release.

Authentic shoes and knock-offs are all over eBay ranging from just over $100 to several thousands of dollars.

The shoes are available in Adidas stores which means Atlantans can head over to Lenox Square (3393 Peachtree Road NE) when the open at 10 a.m. for a shot a getting a pair.

The Yeezy collaboration marks an attempt by Adidas to stop the brand from slipping in market share relative to competitor Nike.

Nike pretty much dominates the U.S. sneaker market in part due to their many collaborations with athletes like Michael Jordan.

Adidas has had more than a few missteps in sports marketing as they always seem to choose the wrong NBA athletes as partners.

Some reports from market insiders say Adidas' U.S. sales have continued their downward slide since the partnership with West, but that sales in Europe have been on the upswing.

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