Atlanta swingers party goes viral, highlights local sex economy

Cidney Green, host of #ATLOrgy. Image via Instagram.
Cidney Green, host of #ATLOrgy. Image via Instagram.

Credit: Nedra Rhone

Credit: Nedra Rhone

In metro Atlanta, sex sells.

Last week, a local woman, Cidney Green raked in several thousand dollars when she billed her 27th birthday celebration as a private party for adult swingers.

The event, which takes place this weekend, quickly earned the hashtag #ATLOrgy on social media. It promises an overnight overload of food and sex at a lakefront mansion on four acres with private parking for guests and security on-site. The cost to join is a pre-paid $99 for single women or $175 for couples and men. The event sold out to a reported 35 guests before Green opened up additional spaces and hinted that prices would increase.

Green, of Marietta, is a phone sex operator and the woman behind the "Total Liberation" blog in which she discussed having multiple boyfriends who all knew about each other. In an interview last week with Rolling Out magazine (which Green posted online), she said she is into nudity, voyeurism, porn and is polyamorous . She had initially planned to have the party at a local swingers club, but because of certain restrictions she decided to move it to a private location.

The event begins at 8 p.m., dinner is served at 10 p.m. and at 12 a.m. the atmosphere shifts to the swingers party. Interest in her event has exceeded her expectations, she said. She is hoping to attract women who resent being sexually repressed or anyone who wants to shed the shame and taboo of sex.

But social media had a different reaction to the event with most people commenting on how the event is likely to contribute to Atlanta's already skyrocketing rates of STD infections and its reputation as a hotbed of the sex economy.

Atlanta consistently ranks among the top cities for its sex economy and STD infection rates. A 2014 study from the Urban Institute, found the underground sex economy in Atlanta to be unusually large. In 2007, Atlanta's illegal sex trade was pulling in about $290 million, outranking cities such as Washington, D.C., Dallas and Miami.

While rates of STD infections have been skyrocketing nationwide in recent years, the increase has been particularly noted in Atlanta. Doctors recently compared the HIV epidemic in Atlanta to that in third world countries .

Green said in the interview with Rolling Out that she will provide condoms at the party and she recommends that guests use them. The memes on Twitter are funny, she said, but the people responding are uninformed. "I really don't believe that people being in this environment increases the chances of STDs," Green said in the interview. "Are you only concerned about STDs when it is an orgy? The only thing I can do for you is provide you with condoms and hope you use them."

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