Atlanta couple's tiny house turned into a hot property

Atlanta couple Frances Farmer and Gregory Richards are the proud owners of what could be a first in metro area housing.

Serena, the name of their home, is a 200 square foot tiny house that doubles as a pop up shop for their start-up clothing brand Style is Serene (SIS).

Their journey to small house living was documented on the newest season of FYI's Tiny House Nation. Host John Weisbarth and renovation expert Zack Giffin headed to Roswell to help the duo build their tiny, transportable, transformable home on wheels.

Moving from the 1,300 square foot home they shared with three roommates proved a challenge for Farmer and Richards. They had converted the dining room into a full living space, but they still had too many possessions for a tiny house.

Weisbarth allows them to bring just a handful of bags stuffed with their belongings to the new home which functions as a home, a workshop, a stockroom and a store.

Since they moved in, Serena has become a bit of a celebrity in Atlanta.

Farmer and Richards have parked their tiny home in a range of locations in the metro area including Little Five Points where they turned Serena into a pop-up for a clothing sale.

The house was also the featured guest of a tiny house showcase in the West End. The event included a panel discussion on tiny living, music and an SIS clothing sale.

For a time, Serena was also in demand on AirBNB, but the listing is currently not active.

Locals who have seen Serena comment on how large the tiny home feels. Light enters through two sets of French doors and the rectangular and circular windows.

The sleeping area converts into a sofa when it is not being used. And the bathroom, though cozy, is a spa-like oasis decked out in red tile.

In December, the couple moved with their tiny house to a new location in the metro area. They marked the occasion with a decorating party hosted by the Tiny House Atlanta meetup.

You can catch Serena, Farmer and Richards on the April 9 episode of FYI's Tiny House Nation.

The new season begins Saturday, March 26 at 9 p.m. ET when NBA star Matt Bonner (of the San Antonio Spurs) tries to fit his six-foot-ten inch frame into a 300 square foot home.

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