Words from ousted Dave FM host Tim Orff, update on Holly Firfer


got a Facebook message today from Tim Orff, who was let go yesterday from Dave FM, replaced by Jimmy Baron. He was a loyal jock there, ably filling in wherever they needed him, be it mornings or late nights or whenever.

I'm doing pretty good under the circumstances. No idea what I'm going to do next, I just want to get back out there and get on the air. I love my hometown, so being on in Atlanta is a dream for me. Who knows what the future holds. Hope you are doing well.

And I heard that next week, former Dave FM jock and "Atlanta & Company" host Holly Firfer will be filling in as "sports babe" on 790/The Zone's Mayhem in the AM. Cayci Johnson left a couple weeks ago for a new, better-paying job.