Which ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ should stay or go?

This Thursday and next Thursday, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" will rehash the hair pulling, petty arguments and misunderstandings over two hours of reunion shows. Last year's was quite a blockbuster when Lisa Wu Hartwell threatened physical violence on Kim Zolciak and Kim and NeNe Leakes exchanged nasty comments about their sexual predilections. We're expecting more shenanigans this time around. Heck, we'll be disappointed if there wasn't a fair share of insults and name hurling.

Now the big question. Who should stay and who should go for season three? I expect the producers will want to sub out at least one lady just to change the dynamics again. I mean, there are only so many ways Kim and NeNe can go at it, eh?

Here are my odds on who will stay and who won’t:

NeNe Leakes: she is the Queen Bee of this group, the one who has best taken advantage of her fame so far from the show. She was probably the most popular housewife last season but her likability has taken a hit this season thanks to her pointless arguments with Kandi Burruss and that choking incident with Kim. There has been rumors of her doing a spinoff but I expect she will stay, though she may demand so much more money, Bravo might turn red. Odds of her leaving: 8-1

Kim Zolciak: She remains a quixotic figure, the only one who spends with abandon and has a strange on-and-off-again relationship with Big Poppa. She is suitably outrageous and while not likable, certainly fascinating to watch along the lines of a seven-car pileup on I-75. Her options, given how people perceive her, are not as broad or deep as NeNe's. I expect she'll re-sign though given how broken her relationship with NeNe is, this could cause complications. Then again, as long as the two are willing to converse, Bravo is gambling on MORE drama. Odds of her leaving: 7-1

Kandi Burruss: As the newest member of the crew, she's a vast improvement over DeShawn Snow in terms of entertainment. She is a successful artist/songwriter and has built a healthy fan base with her level-headedness and smarts. Her bugaboo was dealing with A.J. and her mom, which was a great storyline that is unfortunately over. She is someone I'm sure Bravo would like back given her credibility and the sympathy factor. It's ultimately up to Kandi if she thinks the spotlight is worth it and will continue to help her jumpstart her singing career. Odds of her leaving: 5-1

Lisa Wu Hartwell. She showed a bit more moxie this season, throwing in several funny bon mots, even though she was seldom in the middle of any of the key drama. Her snarky notes about Sheree were especially amusing. Though she has plenty of side businesses, she seems happily ensconced in RHOA land as long as Bravo wants her. Odds of her leaving: 3-1.

Sheree Whitfield. She came across a bit more relatable this time around vs. season one but as Lisa said, she can be a bit cold and calculating. She was the center of some of the major drama and she needs the show to help generate income and publicity for her She By Sheree line, income she needs post divorce. But I'm sure she'd be happy to hit the exits if she could find the right opportunity – or if Bravo finds fresh blood. Odds of her leaving: 2-1

Ratings for the final episode last Thursday, by the way, were about 3 million viewers. That’s only slightly above the average but solid nontheless.

In other RHOA news, the attorney repping the man accused of killing Ashley "A.J." Jewell said he may have the charges dropped after news that Jewell may have suffered from sickle cell anemia.

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