Star 94 matches 2009 total in radiothon for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

By RODNEY HO/, filed Dec. 3, 2010

Star 94 raised $560,212 last week for the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, slightly more than in 2009.

In eight years, Star 94 has raised more than $7.7 million for the hospital.

Here's what the new program director Scott Lindy had to say in an email Monday:

That's a little higher than last year and an amazing amount of money considering the down economy, dozens of GA banks failing and having our state above the national average in unemployment. When times are tough Star listeners still find a way to give over half a million dollars to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Impressive.

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2010-star-94 careathon

2010-star-94 careathon

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2010-star-94 careathon

I've been tracking pledge totals since 2004:

2004: $1.167 million.

2005: $1.2 million

2006: $1,215,834

2007: $1,212,437

2008: $825,284

2009: $558,000

2010: $560,000

The station's falling ratings and a rough economy have impacted fund-raising the past couple of years.

You can always donate at the hospital here.

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By Rodney Ho,, AJCRadioTV blog