Melanie Moore, winner of 'So You Think You Can Dance,' shocked by margin of victory

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed August 12, 2011

Here are some highlights from the mass phone press conference Marietta's Melanie Moore did today after winning "So You Think You Can Dance."

- Her plans during her 10 days in Atlanta after the win and before the tour:  "I am definitely going to my studio and take some classes. That's one thing. I can't sit still for long! I'll be asleep a day, then ready to go again! And my boyfriend Mitchell is moving back to Athens and UGA. He's been out of the whole time [in Los Angeles] and I'm going to help his get his stuff together. I want to make it about him. I'm ready to step out of the spotlight for a couple of minutes."

- Plenty of options for the future: "My dream is to be in a company. I feel like as far as my movement, I'd be more suited for a company atmosphere. Also, I'd love to do tour work. I've always wanted to dance. I didn't care whether it was in the back of a commercial... I want to be able to sustain a living dancing. That's what I'm hoping to do. If any offers come through, I'll let you guys know!"

- Did she know she was going to win? "I definitely felt confident with what I did on [Wednesday] and what I did during the course of the competition... I kept my head in the game sort of... I didn't want to put any extra pressure on myself being a favorite. I had this amazing shot. There was a shot. It was worth going for."

- The leap into Neil's arms during the amazing top 8 dance: "He is so funny. He made me feel so comfortable. He has a lot of muscle. We just started a couple of steps away, then three, then I was all the way across the room... we were daredevils about it. I feel like whoever is my partner, I have to have complete trust in them and I want them to have complete trust in me. We were fearless together in that respect."

- Just dance! "I would definitely be interested going on tour with Lady Gaga. She's an amazing artist... my best friend is obsessed with her. I've seen the HBO special. Everything she does is so amazing I'd be more than happy and overjoyed to work with her. I am just excited about the tour, keep my head in that, remember all those routines they made us do."

- Marko is da man:  "We really carried each other. We put so much hard work, more than everyone else. We were the only couple to rent a studio outside of the regular rehearsal time. We'd rehearse during the day, then rehearse at night. I was so nit-picky. He was one of those people, 'It will come together on stage.' No. It has to come together before we go on stage! I need to have things in line before we go onstage so you don't need to about things to worry about... We can definitely attribute it to him and our work ethic. Without those, I don't think we would have made it that far at all."

- Thinking Sasha would win: "She's an amazing dancer. I was so inspired by her. Secondly, they were calling me the favorite from the beginning. For some reason or other, that person doesn't win. So I didn't expect it at all. Sasha has improved so much... we weren't that good a friends in the beginning but she opened up. I have noting but love and respect for her honestly. I was so ready to be second place."

- Why go to Fordham University? "If I wanted to pursue dancing, New York was the best place to be." But as a back-up plan, she chose to major in art since dancing is so tough. "I can hurt and break my legs and wouldn't be able to dance again. I wanted something to fall back on."

- Her art specialty: "My specialty is oil painting. I can do portraits, more impressionistic. Those are my favorite." But she now wants to change her major to dance and learn choreography.

- The huge margin of victory (47% vs. 32% for runner-up Sasha) : "Wow! I don't know. I tried to make sure my personality came through in everything I was saying. I always laugh at myself. I never take myself too seriously. That came through. I'm relatable to people. I hoped they saw something in me."

- What to do with $250,000. "I was told to indulge in one thing and put the rest of it away. It's sort of stupid but I want to get a really nice carry-on luggage. So I can feel cool as I travel. Maybe a nice ring. I don't even know.

- Toughest dance: 'The hard-core hip-hop dances with NappyTabs was a struggle. I don't move so hard. It was so fast. They knew I could do it. It gave me a really hard piece. It was super challenging. I don't think I wouldn't have done it without Twitch. He got me through everything."

- She'll be back! She said when she made the top 10, she volunteered herself to be an all star next year. "Put me in Bollywood or disco, I'll be there!"

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By Rodney Ho,, AJCRadioTV blog

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