Margaret Cho wants to be in Playboy

Margaret Cho already spends plenty of time at kitschy strip bar Clermont Lounge. So why not pose for Playboy?

"I really think I should do it before I'm 50," she told mid-day host Mara Davis Tuesday during the Dave FM's "Lunch Hour Takeover," which I attended. "I'd like to do it sooner than later... It's cool when older women do stuff like that. It's something older women can be proud of."

Cho, the 41-year-old stand-up comic and actress, now spends five months out of the year in metro Atlanta thanks to her role as Jane's administrative assistant on Lifetime's hit show "Drop Dead Diva," which finishes taping its second season in Peachtree City Thursday.

And she spends quite a bit of time working the late-night scene at places such as Smith's Olde Bar, the Star Bar and Laughing Skull Lounge. (Oftentimes, she'll do comedy nights to hone her act.) But she hardly ever gets recognized, partly because she doesn't project "celebrity" when just walking around or hanging out.

During her hour on Dave, she picked the playlist: Squeeze's "Tempted," Radiohead's "Creep," R.E.M.'s "Orange Crush," Violent Femmes' "Blister in the Sun," Indigo Girls' "Closer to Fine" and Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"

She also talked about living in Peachtree City ("I'm the ghetto, the gay district and Chinatown all in one!"), wanting to meet Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and gabbing with Jack White of the White Stripes at the Bonnaroo festival while wondering about the lack of restroom options.

"There was no place to poo," she told Mara and the Dave FM listeners. "That's hard for me. I had a bullet in my chamber. Just loaded! Talking to Jack White about White Stripes while making brown stripes. I was more focused on myself."

She also made a few funny jokes about Mel Gibson and his leaked phone conversations with his ex girlfriend and what he might do now that his career might be in shreds. "He should do a singing telegram service,"  Cho suggested. "He can go to people's workplaces and chew them out! 'I want to burn down your house! Happy anniversary!' "

Cho returns to Los Angeles this week but starts a new comedy tour in August, ending in December, including  a stop at the Tabernacle December 12. Tickets are already on sale for $45 apiece at She may tape the Atlanta gig for a future cable show.

She plans to play music as well and hopes some of the musicians she collaborated with on a new album will join her, including Ben Lee, Tegan and Sara and Grant-Lee Phillips.

Here's some video of Cho with some hilarious commentary about a recent Tweet regarding gas. Proving that I'm not a professional, I laughed so hard at some point, I couldn't keep the camera steady:

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