Si Man Baby celebrates 30 years in radio with a roast

By RODNEY HO/, filed January 31, 2011

Majic 107.5/97.5 gave its night jock Silas "Si Man Baby" Alexander a night to remember Sunday with a roast that celebrated 30 years on radio and raised a few bucks for March of Dimes to boot.

Among those who honored/roasted him at Uptown Comedy Corner  included several V-103 expats: Majic jock Carol Blackmon, former V-103 night host Joyce Littel, Radio One's Magic Man and Si Man's boss Derek Harper. Others on board included stand-up pros Special K (heard on sister station Hot 107.9 with Rickey Smiley), legendary comic Don "D.C." Curry and former UniverSoul Circus ringmaster Tony Tone.

Si Man, an Eatonton native and radio journeyman, has worked at V-103, Kiss 104.1, Classic Soul 102.5 .and now Majic 107.5/97.5, among others. He's never become a big star along the lines of Ryan Cameron or Frank Ski, but he's well respected and well liked by fans and colleagues alike.

In his signature white suit, Si Man took the gentle abuse with aplomb. In fact, he is a tough person to roast. If he has any skeletons in his closet, he hasn't revealed them. So most of the teasing focused on his age, weight and first name Silas.

"I see Si Man looking nice over there," said Special K, who credited Si Man for giving him early radio exposure. "He's been working out his midsection with crunches. Captain Crunch. Nestle Crunch. Crunch 'n Munch." In his white suite, "he looks like a grown a** toddler. He should be wearing Pull Ups!"

At worst, a couple of comics resorted to making stuff up for a laugh. Special K mentioned non-existent alcohol, drug and porn addiction issues. Oh, and some incident with an intern. Plus, "an ugly incident a couple of years ago between Si Man and Miss Sophia.

Littel, who lost her job at V-103 a year ago and has yet to be replaced,  mock asked Si Man for money. "I'm unemployed so if I don't get enough," she joked, "I will tell every damn thing I know!"

She said roomed in an apartment with him for a time more than 25 years ago while both worked at WIGO-AM. "We had no lights, no phone, no gas," she said, when they first moved in. He was a ladies' men back then, Littel said.  "So Si Man got to know the lady at AT&T, BellSouth. We got lights, phone and gas for free!"  Here's some video of Littel, whose annual Poetry and Passion event is set for Center Stage Feb. 12.

Here are some photos from the night: