Bye bye Tiny. Toya left on her own in BET spinoff

July 20, 2010, by Rodney Ho

First, Frankie and Neffe of the show of the same name has split up, leaving Neffe on BET and Frankie in VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab.”

Now, "Tiny and Toya" is over. BET's Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, T.I.'s squeeze, has been snuffed out. T.I. hasn't exactly been a fan of her doing the show. It recently ended its second season with disappointing ratings.

“Tiny and Toya” averaged about 1.8 million viewers season one but dropped to 1.2 million season two.

Antonia "Toya" Carter, ex-wife of currently incarcerated Lil Wayne, will go solo.

This from a eurweb story:

"We just decided to kind of part ways because she is doing her own thing with her music career, her kids and she's about to get married," Carter said in a recent interview with radio/TV personality Ms. Drama. "Some things you have to just keep private and I understand that as a friend."

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