Election 2020: Bourdeaux debuts ad to re-introduce herself to voters

Carolyn Bourdeaux has debuted her first television ad of the 2020 campaign season.

The spot, titled “Crisis,” covers Bourdeaux’s  background and focus on health care in her second attempt to win Georgia’s 7th Congressional District seat.

It is running starting today on cable TV and digital channels. The campaign said it spent a little over $30,000 for the ads to run on cable channels for the next two weeks.

The script:

“When I hear from families struggling to afford health care, I think of my own parents who drained their life savings to pay for prescription drugs. 

I’m Carolyn Bourdeaux: policy expert, working mom and a teacher. Democrat running for Congress. 

I got in this fight to be your advocate. To fix your health care and make our economy work for everyone. 

Now we’re in a crisis, and it’s more important than ever. 

I'm Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux, and I approve this message because I won't give up and I won't back down."