It turns out Petrino isn't biggest pig in college sports -- it's his boss

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Bobby Petrino, whose actions, words and occasionally erratic motorcycle driving had led me to believe for years that he was the most contemptible individual in college athletics, and possibly the world.

Petrino has dropped to second in the official Rankings of the Soulless. He now ranks behind the last person who hired him.

Just when it seemed the"Wakey Leaks" story of leaked Wake Forest football game plans couldn't possibly get more bizarre, Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich released a statement of admission Wednesday. Kinda, sorta. He admitted the Louisville coaching staff received swiped plays from a since-fired Wake Forest radio announcer and former assistant coach, but he didn't apologize for the cheating -- and actually was upset that everybody is making a big deal about the story.

It's difficult to tell if Jurich is that delusional or simply lying. Either way, he's a spineless worm.

Here's his statement:

So let's break this down:

• Louisville admits offensive coordinator Lonnie Galloway received "a few plays" from former Wake Forest radio announcer Tommy Elrod, who allegedly had been doing this for three years. This follows denials by the school and Petrino that such information was ever received before the teams played last month. But, hey, maybe Petrino had no idea his offensive coordinator had been tipped off on plans, right? I mean, right? You're not going to question a high-character guy like Petrino, are you? Wait, never mind.

•  Jurich claims the plays were no big deal because they weren't run in the game and "our defense regularly prepares for similar formations" every week. If I could be granted one wish tonight, it would be that Jurich makes that statement to Judge Judy, who then slaps him.

• Louisville's defensive coordinator is Todd Grantham, formerly of Georgia. So it's logical to assume the school's head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator -- and probably the entire coaching staff -- knew they effectively were receiving stolen merchandise, as confirmed by the athletic director. But none of the aforementioned had a conscience or enough moral fiber to come forward and tell Wake Forest, "Just so you know, we got this." In fact, Petrino was indignant when the topic came up after the game.

• And finally, there's this from Jurich: "I'm disappointed that this issue has brought undue attention to our football staff as we prepare for our upcoming bowl game."

I don't even know what to do with that.

To think, I thought the biggest news to come out of all this was revelation that there was a black market for Wake Forest game plans.

Louisville ranks among the wealthiest athletic departments in the nation, generating more than $104 million in revenue (22nd highest in the nation). So nobody should be surprised by Jurich's arrogance.

We also shouldn't assume Jurich cares about what anybody thinks of him or his absence of morals because he not only hired Petrino, he did nothing to basketball coach Rick Pitino in the wake of findings that one of his assistants hired prostitutes multiple times for players.

But to not even concede, "OK, maybe we shouldn't have done this"?

Meanwhile, the Louisville administration sits back and does nothing.

The ACC sits back and does nothing.

The NCAA sits back and does nothing.

To what extent any punishment should be administered, I'm not sure. But it would be nice if somebody stepped forward and admitted a serious error in judgment was made.

Then again, that would require having a conscience. And a backbone.

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