Week 3 lacrosse rankings

In Class 6A-7A boys, Pope opens with No. 1 spot after building a flawless resume through its first six games. The Greyhounds are averaging more than 13 goals per game against a gauntlet of powerhouse programs. Pope’s wins include an 11-6 home victory over Allatoona to open the season and road triumphs over Milton (11-6) and Westminster (8-6) before scoring a 14-7 victory over Greater Atlanta Christian on Tuesday.

No. 2 Lassiter has demolished its last two opponents after opening the year with an 8-6 victory at Blessed Trinity. The Trojans outscored St. Pius 18-2 on March 2 and followed it with a 17-1 blowout against Cherokee on Monday.

Lambert earns the No. 3 spot after jumping to a 5-0 record. Mill Creek’s 13-2 win over South Forsyth was enough to put the Hawks at No. 4. South Forsyth defeated Milton 13-12, but Milton’s 11-7 victory over Walton gives Milton the edge for No. 5, while South Forsyth comes in at No. 6 and Walton sits at No. 7.

No. 8 West Forsyth has cruised through a favorable slate of opponents to open the year and could take an 8-0 record into a Saturday showdown with No. 5 Milton. Johns Creek debuts at No. 9, while Brookwood rounds out the Class 6A poll at No. 10.

In the boys Class A-5A, Westminster owns the No. 1 spot after a 5-1 start with its only loss coming 8-6 to Pope. The rest of the classification has seen an intermingling of wins and losses within the top tier of teams. Lovett comes in at No. 2 with a 13-12 overtime win over No. 3 Marist on its resume, which sits at 2-2 with one-loss goals to both Westminster and the Lions. Cambridge comes in at No. 4 and suffered a 11-10 loss to Marist to open its season to give the War Eagles the slight edge. Greater Atlanta Christian rounds out the top 5 with its only losses coming to Class 6A’s Mill Creek (6-4) and Pope (14-7). Woodward Academy opens at No. 6 despite a 14-13 loss to No. 7 Starr’s Mill on Feb. 27, due to Starr’s Mill’s 15-14 overtime loss to Creekside the previous week. Whitewater debuts at No. 8 with its only loss coming to No. 6 Woodward Academy (11-7). No. 9 Blessed Trinity and Allatoona round out the top 10.

The Milton girls open at No. 1 after compiling an impressive 4-0 start. Defending champion Walton suffered an 18-17 overtime loss to Mill Creek on March 2 and Mill Creek’s only loss came at the hands of Lake Highland Prep (FL) 13-12 on Feb. 24. Milton, however, defeated Lake Highland Prep 15-2 on Feb. 18, giving the Eagles the edge for No. 1, putting Mill Creek at No. 2 and leaving the Raiders at No. 3. North Gwinnett remains undefeated at 7-0 and debuts at No. 4, while Lassiter’s 3-0 start that includes a 9-4 victory over Blessed Trinity puts the Trojans at No. 5. Johns Creek, Hillgrove, Lakeside-Evans, Pope and Lambert round out an incredibly competitive top 10.

In the girls Class A-5A, Westminster holds strong at No. 1 while Cambridge, Starr’s Mill, Kell and Blessed Trinity round out the top 5. McIntosh’s 5-0 start earned the Chiefs a spot at No. 6, while Creekview’s 17-10 victory over St. Pius to open the season gave the Grizzlies No. 7 in the poll ahead of No. 8 St. Pius. Woodward Academy’s 11-7 win over No. 10 Wesleyan pins the War Eagles at No. 9.


Class 6A-7A

1. Pope

2. Lassiter

3. Lambert

4. Mill Creek

5. Milton

6. South Forsyth

7. Walton

8. West Forsyth

9. Johns Creek

10. Brookwood

Class A-5A

1. Westminster

2. Lovett

3. Marist

4. Cambridge

5. Greater Atlanta Christian

6. Woodward Academy

7. Starr’s Mill

8. Whitewater

9. Blessed Trinity

10. Allatoona


Class 6A-7A

1. Milton

2. Mill Creek

3. Walton

4. North Gwinnett

5. Lassiter

6. Johns Creek

7. Hillgrove

8. Lakeside-Evans

9. Pope

10. Lambert

Class A-5A

1. Westminster

2. Cambridge

3. Starr’s Mill

4. Kell

5. Blessed Trinity

6. McIntosh

7. Creekview

8. St. Pius

9. Woodward Academy

10. Wesleyan