Four Questions with Griffin coach Jarrett Laws

GHSF Daily asked Georgia head coaches to answer these four questions. We'll report from a different head coach each day.

Jarrett Laws, Griffin

1. What is the most memorable game you've been a part of as a player or coach? "My first game as the head coach at Griffin High in 2014 vs. Henry County. It was a culmination of a lot of years of working in silence, and the moment was positively surreal."

2. Which high school coach would you want your son to play for, and why? "I'm torn on this one. Two choices. My son currently plays for Henry County head coach Morris Starr, who is a great coach but an even better man. I also would have loved for him to play for former M.L. King, Mundy's Mill and Douglass head coach Kenny Barrow. Excellent football mind, but has been a mentor to myself as well as many other coaches in Georgia and is as humble of a person as I've ever known."

3. What is your favorite saying/motto? "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack in strength, nor a lack in knowledge, but rather a lack of will." - Vince Lombardi.

4. Which GHSA policy or high school football rule would you most like to see changed? "I would love to see the GHSA institute spring jamborees. Originally being from Florida, I can remember that the 20 days that we were allotted were some of the most productive as it pertained to recruiting, and the mini-games at the end versus another opponent not only were huge financial gain opportunities for the athletic departments, but the kids loved the opportunity to compete against a different colored jersey. Great for all parties involved."

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