All-region teams: Robertson, Gay, Harden earn top honors in 3-A



Here is the all-region team for 3-A, as voted by the league’s coaches:

East subregion

Player of the year: Demetris Robertson, Savannah Christian, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: QB Salvador Calderon, Calvary Day, Jr.

Defensive player of the year: DL Alex Herndon, Calvary Day, Sr.

Special teams/athlete of the year: Travis Bonner, Jenkins County, Sr.

First-team offense

QB - Bryce Dunn, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

RB - Nolan Smith, Calvary Day, Fr.

RB - AJ Davis, Savannah Christian, Jr.

RB - Malik Williams, Portal, Sr.

RB - Syrus Williams, Claxton, Sr.

OL - Will Swinson, Savannah Christian, Sr.

OL - Zack Quinney, Savannah Christian, Jr.

OL - Donteavious Burton, Jenkins County, Sr.

OL - Jonathon Coates, Calvary Day, Sr.

OL - David Scroggin, Calvary Day, Sr.

OL - William Gomples, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

OL - Wendell Fields, Claxton, Sr.

OL - Conner Scott, Calvary Day, Sr.

TE - Jake Lee, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

WR - Thomas Wells, Calvary Day, Jr.

WR - Daniel Prescott, Calvary Day, Sr.

WR - Jonny Lewis, Savannah Christian, Sr.

PK - Bryce O’Brien, Savannah Christian, Jr.

First-team defense

DL - Taquain Washington, Calvary Day, So.

DL - Robert Williams, Calvary Day, So.

DL - Kelstin Morgan, Claxton, So.

DL - Cam Green, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

DE - Dylan Harper, Savannah Christian, Jr.

DE - Evan Reese, Savannah Christian, Jr.

DE - Lester Jackson, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

LB - Joseph McKinney, Calvary Day, Sr.

LB - Brent Sanders, Calvary Day, Sr.

LB - Joseph Palmer, Savannah Country Day, So.

LB - Jack Grusheski, Savannah Christian, Sr.

DB - Ben Haeussler, Savannah Christian, Sr.

DB - Rich Rappa, Calvary Day, Sr.

DB - Tyjay Lee, Jenkins County, Jr.

DB - Seth Bruno, Savannah Christian, Sr.

DB - Evans Baird, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

P - Jacob Barrow, Claxton, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB - Jordan Grant, Savannah Christian, Fr.

RB - Jonny Lewis, Savannah Christian, Sr.

RB - Adam Byck, Savannah Country Day, So.

RB - Tyler Washington, Jenkins County, Jr.

RB - Jeremy Smith, Calvary Day, Fr.

OL - Garrison Underwood, Jenkins County, So.

OL - Alfredo Vincente, Claxton, Jr.

OL - Hunter Howard, Savannah Christian, Jr.

OL - Ty Rainwater, Savannah Christian, Jr.

OL - Barrett McDonald, Savannah Christian, So.

OL - Jamie McClellan, Calvary Day, So.

OL - Tommy Sidener, Calvary Day, Sr.

OL - Dylan McMahn, Savannah Christian, Fr.

TE - Jalen Wingfield, Claxton, Jr.

WR - Shyrik Furman, Claxton, So.

WR - Desmion Robbins, Jenkins County, Jr.

PK - Alan Gibbs, Calvary Day, So.

Second-team defense

DL - Josh Kelly, Savannah Christian, Jr.

DL - Tyler Tupper, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

DL - Ryan Smith, Savannah Christian, Jr.

DL - Zach White, Portal, Sr.

LB - Ryan Garvin, Calvary Day, Sr.

LB - Darius Huff, Portal, Sr.

LB - Josh May, Claxton, Sr.

LB - Eric Davidson, Savannah Christian, So.

DB - Neil Maclang, Savannah Christian, Jr.

DB - Charveil McNeal, Portal, Jr.

DB - Jalen Leary, Calvary Day, Fr.

DB - Quincey Anderson, Claxton, Fr.

DB - Grant Thomas, Calvary Day, Fr.

DB - Hawkins Pindar, Savannah Country Day, So.

West subregion

Offensive player of the year: QB Rhett Gay, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

Defensive player of the year: DB Ronquez Harden, Johnson County, Sr.

First-team offense

QB - Tyler Benjamin, Treutlen, Jr.

QB - Brooks Norton, Johnson County, So.

RB - Ricky Lee, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

RB - Ben Blackshear, Treutlen, Jr.

RB - Tavarius Harden, Treutlen, Sr.

WR - Titus Benjamin, Treutlen, Sr.

WR - Magel Johnson, Treutlen, Sr.

WR - Dazhun Steele, Emanuel County Institute, So.

WR - David Durden, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

TE - Kaleb Adams, Wheeler County, Sr.

OL - Zach Thompson, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

OL - Zack Carruth, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

OL - Kyle Carmichael, Johnson County, Jr.

OL - Seth Love, Treutlen, Jr.

OL - Hunter Bridges, Wheeler County, Sr.

Special team - Jonathan Rogers, Montgomery County, Sr.

First-team defense

DE - Trevor Griffin, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

DE - Jadie Worthing, Wheeler County, Jr.

DL - T.K. McLendon, Treutlen, Jr.

DL - Casey Gamble, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

DL - Cortavious Ford, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

LB - Trent Smoyer, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

LB - Cody Calhoun, Treutlen, Sr.

LB - Colby Price, Johnson County, Sr.

LB/DB - Willie Johnson, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

DB - Jermichael Jackson, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

DB - Mike Stephens, Johnson County, Sr.

DB - Jordan Payne, Wheeler County, Jr.

DB - Abb Johnson, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

Special team - Bobby McNear, Emanuel County Institute, So.

Second-team offense

QB - Ricky Collins, Wheeler County, Sr.

QB - Kris Daniels, Montgomery County, So.

RB - Bran Rawlings, Johnson County, So.

RB - Israel Phillips, Wheeler County, Jr.

RB - Bobby McNear, Emanuel County Institute, So.

WR - Malik Linder, Montgomery County, Sr.

WR - Jalen Johnson, Johnson County, So.

WR - Torrence Parker, Wheeler County, So.

WR - Cory McRae, Wheeler County, Sr.

TE - Thomas Thornton, Johnson County, Jr.

OL - Morgan Jackson, Johnson County, So.

OL - Austin Bailey, Johnson County, So.

OL - Mickey Milton, Treutlen, Fr.

OL - Jay Thomas, Treutlen, Jr.

OL - Slay Scott, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

Special team - Tyler Summeral, Treutlen, Jr.

Second-team defense

DE - Tyrik Jackson, Johnson County, Jr.

DE - Jeremy Cuyler, Johnson County, Sr.

DL - Clay Strobridge, Treutlen, Sr.

DL - Gamel Lawton, Montgomery County, Sr.

DL - Terry Bailey, Emanuel County Institute, So.

LB - Peyton Mercer, Emanuel County Institute, So.

LB - Clayton Harvey, Montgomery County, So.

LB - Malik Pierce, Johnson County, Jr.

LB/DB - Keenan Hollis, Montgomery County, Jr.

DB - Quincy Doyle, Montgomery County, Sr.

DB - Dillon Price, Treutlen, Sr.

DB - Bakari Woods, Montgomery County, Sr.

DB - Clark Hall, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

Special team - Jarrod Holmes, Treutlen, Jr.

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