State school chief: Georgia ought to offer both integrated and discrete math

From the state Department of Education

Credit: Maureen Downey

Credit: Maureen Downey

State School Superintendent Richard Woods today recommended that the State Board of Education post, for a 30-day public comment period, new math courses that offer a traditional/discrete course option to Georgia high schools, in addition to the integrated course option already available.

If approved, high schools would be able to offer either integrated or traditional/discrete courses to students.

“This is one of the greatest challenges our students have faced in the last several years,” Superintendent Woods said. “I have heard from many parents and teachers who have great concerns about having only the integrated approach. Thanks to the cooperation and collaboration shown by the Governor’s office and State Board of Education on this issue, we are set to allow our schools to offer traditional/discrete or integrated math courses, and to finally address the challenges our individual students and teachers face at the high school level.”

Surveys conducted by the State Board of Education and Regional Educational Service Agencies found that many educators desired a choice between integrated and traditional/discrete math.

“We heard the voices of educators, parents, and students telling us they wanted a choice between integrated and traditional/discrete math in Georgia high schools,” State Board Chair Helen Rice said. “After receiving that feedback and examining the options available, we are prepared to offer these new courses for public comment, courses that are specific to the needs and responsive to the voices of Georgia students.”