Offensive depth chart released

Georgia Tech released the two-deep depth chart for the offense Wednesday for the team as it comes out of spring. I think depth charts are to be taken with a grain of salt, as a) they can be fluid b) don't necessarily reflect the actual order. For instance, if Left Tackle A gets hurt, the player who replaces him isn't necessarily Left Tackle B. It might be that Left Guard A moves over and Left Guard B moves into the starting spot and Left Tackle B stays in a backup role. (I'm picking the positions at random.)

At any rate, I've added some commentary on each position group, some more than others.


Justin Thomas 5-11 185  So.
Tim Byerly 6-0 215  Jr.

No surprises here. The competition became much tighter over the spring, in large part due to Byerly's progress. We'll see what happens in August.


Zach Laskey 6-1 217  Sr.
Matt Connors or 6-0 205  Sr.
Donovan Wilson 6-0 213 r-Fr.

Obviously, the transfer of Travis Custis due to academic issues changes things. Custis looked like a solid No. 2. It’ll be interesting to see how the Connors-Wilson competitions develops in camp. It’s possible Connors, a walk-on, could prove to be a case similar to Byerly, a walk-on who produced in the limited opportunities provided and then took hold when his moment arrived. Wilson was moved from A-back in the spring.


Synjyn Days 6-2 232
Broderick Snoddy 5-9 190
Tony Zenon 5-8 174
B.J. Bostic 5-11 172
Deon Hill 6-0 194

Perhaps the most interesting group. Zenon at the top of the depth chart  is something of a surprise, given the challenges he has faced getting onto the field in his first three seasons. Notable by their absence are Charles Perkins and Dennis Andrews. The latter will be suspended for the first two games for violating the school’s student-athlete conduct policy, but that evidently is not a reason to be kept off, as Darren Waller is also suspended but still listed with the wide receivers. Andrews might be the best playmaker of the group, but consistency has been a challenge. Perkins received increasing amounts of playing time as last season progressed. Snoddy evidently did enough in the spring after moving full-time over from B-back to warrant a second-string spot.

Wide receiver

Micheal Summers 6-1 174  So.
Darren Waller 6-5 232  Sr.
DeAndre Smelter 6-3 225  Sr.
Corey Dennis 6-2 208  Sr.

Summers could be ready to put things together as a sophomore. Waller, as has been noted previously, has the tools but has not been productive game to game. Who would have guessed that the player with the most games played on the offense would be Dennis, who has largely played special teams through his first three seasons. He has played in all 40 of the team’s games the past three seasons.

Offensive line

Left tackle

Chris Griffin 6-6 294 R-fr.
Chase Roberts 6-3 270  So.

Left guard

Trey Braun 6-5 295  Jr.
Shamire Devine 6-7 370 R-fr.


Freddie Burden 6-3 292  So.
Thomas O’Reilly 6-3 302  Jr.

Right guard

Shaquille Mason 6-1 311  Sr.
Nick Brigham 6-3 302  So.

Right tackle

Bryan Chamberlain 6-4 286  Jr.
Errin Joe 6-3 326  Jr.

Notably, two starters on the line – Burden and Griffin – have not played a single snap, nor has Devine. For that matter, Brigham, O’Reilly and Joe have not played much, either. Braun started eight games last year as the line was depleted by injuries. Chamberlain made some steps in the spring. Devine has lost a little bit of weight from his listed weight. Mason is clearly the best player on the line and perhaps on the entire offense.