LIVE BLOG: Georgia Tech vs. No. 7 Clemson

Credit: Ken Sugiura

Thanks for joining us here for the live blog. It's raining fairly hard here in the pregame, although the field looks like it's in pretty good shape. But it obviously will affect ballhandling should it persist.

Linebacker Brant Mitchell has lined up with the first-string defense in warmups, so it looks like he'll be a go for the Jackets, a big boost for the defense.

If you're wondering, Georgia Tech is wearing white helmets, white jerseys and gold pants. I'm not sure the last time they wore this combination. If I have time, I'll see if I can look that up.

My sense of the game is that, for Tech to have a chance, it has to be a 24-23 kind of game. One thing that might give Tech fans some hope is that Clemson hasn't lit it up. The Tigers scored 47 on Louisville on September 16, but since then have scored 34, 31, 28 and 24 points, the last in their 27-24 defeat to Syracuse, although the Tigers missed two field goals and lost quarterback Kelly Bryant.

Can Tech score 24 points on Clemson? It wouldn't be easy, but I wouldn't rule it out.

That said, it's a tall task. I suspect Clemson will come out with plenty of energy and the stadium will be at full throat. Let's see what happens. I'll be here during the game with updates and observations. Hope you'll stick around.

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