Georgia Tech-Pittsburgh quoteboard

“I think both teams defensively were really good today. Pitt’s numbers have not been typical Pitt defense. But if you saw them last week against Duke, that was the Pitt team and defensively, they were every bit as good today. I mean, we couldn’t get a clean look. We had to make some tough shots. We couldn’t get to the rim.” – Georgia Tech coach Brian Gregory

“We challenged those big guys at halftime. (Michael) Young had 18 points at that point. He’s so good. He’s so hard to guard and you really have to be disciplined and tough to guard him, and Nick (Jacobs) did a great job on him in the second half.” – Gregory on defending Michael Young (24 points)

“We kind of go as he goes, and even when he wasn’t scoring, that didn’t deter him from doing the other stuff pretty well today. And that’s a change, to be honest with you. He’s matured in that and we need him and those 11 rebounds, and Nick’s 20. They controlled the glass for us.” – Gregory on forward Charles Mitchell

“You want it for the guys. You want it for Marcus (Georges-Hunt), you want it for the young guys to learn how to win games so they can continue. And you want it for the guys that sacrificed a lot to come here and play for one year.” – Gregory

“Looking at the previous game in the film room, it got to me a little bit. Not just me, to all of us, the way we saw body language on film. It looked like we weren’t all into it. We made it a key that went out there with energy and we defended. That was the biggest thing for just defending. We knew the offense would come to us, but the biggest thing we were focused on was defense.” – Georges-Hunt

“I think when McCamish first opened, I scored the first two points in McCamish. That’s one great memory that I can remember. It’s been great here, playing in front of our fans. I just want to thank them for accepting me and cheering for these last four years.” – Georges-Hunt

“Those were big. We guarded it pretty well. He seems to make guarded shots. He takes those shots, he raises up ,he’s got a pretty high, quick release. Those were really big. Those were the game-changers right there.” – Pitt coach Jamie Dixon on Adam Smith’s four 3-pointers in the second half