Tell us: Are metro Atlanta express lanes making traffic better?

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported, Georgia is trying to address some of the world’s worst traffic by building a system of new express lanes across metro Atlanta.

They’re already open on parts of I-85 in Gwinnett County and I-75 in Clayton and Henry counties. They’re rising along I-75 and I-575 in Cobb and Cherokee counties. An extension is under construction on I-85. Over the next decade or more, new express lanes will come to Ga. 400, the northern arc of the Perimeter and further up I-85.

They’re open to anyone willing to pay an adjustable toll – the heavier the traffic, the higher the toll. The idea is to keep traffic in the express lanes moving at 45 m.p.h. or more (by raising the toll and discouraging some people from using them as traffic gets worse).

State officials say the express lanes make commuting more predictable for those who use them. They say other motorists also benefit – as more people take the express lanes, it frees up space in the regular lanes.

That’s the theory. But we want your thoughts on how the express lanes work in practice. Do you use the existing express lanes on I-85 or I-75? Why or why not? Have they helped or hindered your commute? Are you able to cruise along at 45 m.p.h. in those lanes, as promised?

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