VIDEO: Stacy Halstead talks about the day Tripp was injured

Tripp Halstead died Thursday at age 7, five years after he was critically injured when a tree limb came crashing down in the yard of his day care.

The then 2-year-old had been running around with his friends that day in 2012. Horrified teachers heard the crack before the limb came down but couldn't get to Tripp quickly enough.  "That's when our whole world changed," Halstead said during a 2017 luncheon, themed "Find the Joy." The event raised money for the Elaine Clark Center, a Chamblee organization that serves special needs children, and gave supporters a chance to hear the Halsteads' powerful story.

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"Initially the doctors said Tripp might not make it," Halstead said. "I remember going into the bathroom and just screaming, telling my husband, 'If he's not going to live, I'm not going to live.'"

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