The Hollywood insiders who secretly back Donald Trump

A number of celebrities have lined up firmly in avid support of or virulent opposition to presidential hopeful Donald Trump, but a new piece in The Hollywood Reporter takes a peak into the realm of "Hollywood's quiet, growing support" for the GOP frontrunner.

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Donald Trump poses with son Barron and wife Melania at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in 2007. IMAGE: DAMIAN DOVARGANES/ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Hollywood Reporter suggests that Trump supporters are growing in number, just not visibility:

“For every Cruz or Rubio supporter I talk to, there are 10 Trump supporters,” a conservative wealth manager told THR. “I tell them, ‘If you don’t want to Feel the Bern, convert your IRAs now rather than pay his 92 percent tax rate.’ I know they like their Teslas, private schools and million-dollar-mansions, but they won’t afford all that if they’re allowed to keep only 8 percent of their income.”

Trump certainly has pals in Hollywood, given his run on "Celebrity Apprentice" and other entertainment vehicles. But folks he posed with on the red carpet back in the day aren't necessarily in his camp politically.

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, who considers Trump a friend, told CNN, "the version of Trump that he knows is different than the Trump that the public knows.

"My Donald Trump was a Democrat," Snider said. "My Donald Trump is pro-choice. My Donald Trump is what we call a Northeastern Republican, you know, fiscally conservative, socially liberal. But that's changing."

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"The ruling class of both parties have not protected American’s. No they have systematically reduced and effeminized the American worker into submission. Trump is fighting the battle for America. Not for himself. Not for a party. But for us all."

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