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The extreme lengths some UGA fans took to be at the Rose Bowl

Pasadena, Calif. - Sam Ferguson just got here. We don't mean he just got to the Rose Bowl Stadium - he literally just got here.

The Athens resident who attended the University of Georgia drove with a group to be able to attend the game. After a short break in Phoenix, Ariz. to rest a bit, they rolled in just ahead of kickoff.

They did build in time to create this nifty sign, though.

Jack Southerland's trip was a little less grueling. A little. His RV left Jacksonville, Fla. on Wednesday night and he and his parents, Angela and Johnny Southerland of Savannah, got to Pasadena Friday night.

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Much of the Los Angeles area has been awash in red and black this week, and the stadium certainly resembles Sanford Stadium on a home-game Saturday. And lots of Dawg fans put themselves through not a little inconvenience to get here.

Beth and Justin Gilland flew into LAX and hailed a ride to Burbank where they rented an RV and pulled into town on Thursday. After Ubering around town for a while they rented a Tahoe. That turned out to be too big a rig for the RV parking area near the stadium so they took it back with eyes on a Camry. A Mustang convertible would be just a few bucks more, the rental car rep said. Soon they were cruising in the silver beauty with the top down.

Enjoying the sunny weather with temps in the 70s the past few days, they've been praying for a meteorological assist in extending their stay. A freak blizzard would be nice. Alas, they're headed back to metro Atlanta, where the lows are going to be in the teens this week.

Our colleague Greg Bluestein was among those with a fairly arduous journey, arriving at LAX at 1 a.m. after a layover in Phoenix, Ariz. Doesn't look like it lessened anyone's spirits:


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