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Talk of Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry dating in real life prompts a response

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox were so totally a thing on "Friends." Their characters Chandler and Monica started out as friends and eventually married.

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So could it BE more perfect that the two of them might have gotten together off screen?

Well, before you start pondering whether they should have "Smelly Cat" played at their reception, bring it down a notch. The "Friends" co-stars are just friends.


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Turns out this super-fan's tweet started the talk that made the entire Internet lose its mind:


Actual friends of the "Friends" pair have reached out to let multiple media outlets know that the hilariously viral tweet is just that. It's actually several years old.

So... what now. I think I'll just head into the fridge and grab a sandwich. The amazing one that my sister made.

Nobody took my sandwich, right?

They were so totally perfect together on screen! Ah, well..


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