Shaq is now a sheriff's deputy in Clayton County

Shaquille O'Neal has been sworn in as a sheriff's deputy, Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill announced via Facebook.

"When Shaquille O' Neal raised his hands to be sworn in by "THE CRIME FIGHTER", he became the tallest deputy in the history of the Clayton County Sheriff's Office!" Hill posted. "Welcome to the crime fighting family Shaq!!"

It's unclear if the post is ceremonial or if Shaq will actually be escorting prisoners, directing traffic or performing other law-enforcement duties. That badge does look pretty official, and Shaq has embraced the law enforcement community in the past. Earlier this year the NBA great turned analyst, actor and celebrity pitchman made a surprise visit to the Gainesville (Fla.) Police Department, delighting officers and some neighborhood kids the department has forged a special friendship with.

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Shaq portrayed a police officer in the ensemble comedy "Grown Ups 2" and once told the AJC he'd like to pursue a career in law enforcement. From our interview in 2013:

  Would you ever consider getting into politics?
     "Law enforcement politics. I'd love to be sheriff one day."
     What would people be surprised to know about you?
     "I don't have a bodyguard."
     One last question: What would this Renaissance man like to do that he's not yet had a chance to?
     "I would like to meet the Queen of England. I would love to meet Prince Albert of Monaco. I know people like that are busy. I would just take her hand,  say,  'Hi,  Queen.' I would love to sky-dive. I would like to go to the moon for a day. I'm a dreamer."

For now, it looks like at least one of his dreams has come true.