Oprah has lost 15 pounds and gained $45 million with Weight Watchers

Oprah Winfrey has lost about 15 pounds since starting Weight Watchers back in August - and she made $45 million the day it was announced she was buying a share of the company.

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Oprah surprises Atlanta party guests 

Credit: Jennifer Brett

Credit: Jennifer Brett

The queen of all media, who's back in Atlanta at the moment working on a new TV show , revealed details about her shrinking size and growing bank account during a visit to Ellen DeGeneres' talk show.

“Weight Watchers called me, like, in mid July," Oprah said. "We had our first meeting in August. They said we’d like you to come aboard our program and do what you do: Self empowerment, self enrichment. We think you can bring another level to us for Weight Watchers. I said I can’t do it unless I actually go on the program. I would have to do the program myself.”

She had not previously done Weight Watchers, nor had she served as a celebrity endorser. Her first foray into the arena appears to have gone exceedingly well.

"Since Aug. 12 I’ve lost 15 pounds," she said. "I’m excited about Weight Watchers being able to bring a healthier, more holistic approach."

Ellen also noted that the move was healthy for Oprah's finances, too.

"In one day she made $45 million," Ellen said, noting that Oprah better than doubled her $40 million investment. She then jokingly teased Oprah for not giving her the good word ahead of time.

"We want to stay out of jail," Oprah quipped.