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Motorcyclist taunts, speeds away from Atlanta cop, then posts video

A motorcyclist with a lead foot and little regard for law enforcement posted a video of him (or her)self speeding through Atlanta, giving a police officer the middle figure and weaving through traffic.

The anonymous videographer's work was posted in October by BenchWarmers, which accepts submitted images and clips from anyone:

The only commentary posted with the video is "That's one way to lose the Cops..." but it's clear the action happened in Atlanta. It's been viewed more than 26 million times. Facebook users have shared it nearly 400,000 times and it has generated more than 42,000 comments.

Many commenters were alarmed at the motorist's antics.

This still image shows the shadow of the motorcyclist and a pursuing Atlanta police officer. The motorcyclist sped off and weaved through traffic, leaving the officer in the dust.

"What a (bleeping) moron, putting others lives in jeopardy. I hope the cops find him and confiscate that bike!!" one commenter wrote.

"That's one way to lose the cops and another way to lose your life!" another wrote.

Others posted remarks disparaging law enforcement but many wrote in support: "Umm really the cop is just doing his job to keep people safe," one poster wrote. "Yeah some cops mess up but there are good cops too. The guy on the motorcycle was driving like a moron. He deserves to be in jail for his dangerous driving."

 Atlanta Police Department Sgt. Warren Pickard told the AJC that the incident was investigated but that "We were unable to identify the rider of the motorcycle."

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