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Jeff Daniels loved dialogue-heavy role in "Steve Jobs"

There's a lot of dialogue in "Steve Jobs."

A lot.

Jobs, played by Michael Fassbender in the film based on Walter Isaacson's book, has one lengthy, exposition-heavy conversation after another in the movie that's now in theaters.

Jeff Daniels , who plays former Apple CEO John Sculley, loved it.

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Jeff Daniels and Michael Fassbender in a scene from "Steve Jobs." Photo: Francois Duhamel

"Aaron writes how people think, " he said of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who's also the wordsmith behind Daniels' hit HBO show "The Newsroom, " which wrapped up last year. "That's one of his great strengths. He writes two characters in a scene and they're both right. He gives you all of this great dialogue."

The movie somewhat overlaps the 2013 movie "Jobs, " in which Ashton Kutcher played the creative genius who launched so much of society's gadgetry and technological innovations. Kutcher far more closely resembled Jobs physically while Fassbender's role delves deeply into what a jerk Jobs could be personally.

Daniels got a chance to talk with Sculley, who has publicly praised his performance.

"Steve didn't have the iPhone in his head when he was making the Mac, " Daniels said. "That was one of the great things for Sculley, to be around a guy who could see the future. He could see 20 years down the road. Fictionally, I got to be around Steve Jobs."

Jobs recruited Sculley, widely revered as a marketing genius, from Pepsi to Apple, famously asking if he'd prefer to continue selling sugared water or help change the world. But their relationship soured amid conflicts over what direction the company should take. "Steve Jobs" visits that rocky road.

"When I met with him, you could still see there was pain there, " Daniels said. "I took the pain to mean he really cared about the relationship, something that started so strong. One of his regrets was they never reconciled."

An image from the Wayback Machine..

Daniels, who rejoined Jim Carrey in metro Atlanta to film the lovably dopey 2014 sequel "Dumb and Dumber To, " appears next in locally filmed "The Divergent Series: Allegiant."

"I've shot all over the world, and Georgia is where everyone is shooting now, " he said. "I can't imagine a more welcoming city. They've really rolled out the red carpet." He was born in Athens but grew up and lives in Michigan, so Georgia's summers are still a bit much to take: "Shooting 'Divergent' in the middle of August was a little warm, but other than that, I like it!"


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