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Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens reports for jury duty

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens is doing his civic duty today, answering a jury summons.

"Honored to report for Jury Duty this morning," he posted via social media this morning.

He didn't say what sort of case he might be hearing, since A. He probably doesn't know yet and B. Jurors are prohibited from discussing such matters.

Georgia Attorney General and potential juror Sam Olens

The former Cobb County commissioner, now the state's top legal eagle, will no doubt be recognized immediately by all officers of the court, so it's likely he'll be dismissed once the attorneys start the jury selection process.

I was called for jury duty once, years ago, in Cobb County. I had previously interviewed one of the attorneys (I can't remember if he represented the plaintiff or defendant) and that was enough to get be bounced during voir dire.

It's likely that Olens will be sent on his way soon, too. But not before reminding us all to do our civic duty when a jury summons arrives!

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