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Fed Ex guard Christopher Sparkman suffers complications; family struggles financially

Christopher Sparkman, critically wounded when a suicidal gunman opened fire at a Kennesaw Fed Ex facility in April 2014, has suffered some recent setbacks and faces a long, slow journey to healing. Newlyweds at the time of the shooting, he and wife Jamie Lynn Sparkman have suffered financially as he has endured more than 30 surgeries since the rampage.
A U.S. Army veteran who met his wife through a church group, Christopher has twice been denied disability benefits.

Now, with a difficult road ahead, Jamie Lynn is requesting prayers and, if supporters feel so led, for assistance.

Here is the link to make a financial gift. (Scroll down a little bit, the link to make contributions is on the right hand side of the page).

Family photo
"It's quite honestly very difficult, and embarrassing for us to ask for help," she posted on a public web site established to provide updates on his condition. "I had to leave my job to care for Chris. He has been denied disability from the government twice. Our only source of income has been small weekly benefits of workman's comp from Allied Barton, and the benevolent gifts you all have given."

His troubles stem from internal injuries that doctors are having a hard time getting a handle on. At this time, doctors have said they can't do anything more for the time being, Jamie Lynn posted.

"The pain he has endured over and over is unimaginable, and watching him go through it again has taken a toll on our families," she wrote. "Pray for the 'village' that it takes to get Chris back on his feet every time he's knocked back down. We are heartbroken and feeling so crushed because our expectations of Chris being healthy again have been shattered."

The year ahead will be long and difficult.

"We now face an important decision for Chris' health over the next year," she wrote. "He can either stay in the hospital and eat nothing by mouth or he can begin to eat and come home to manage woundcare for the year until he is ready for surgery again.

"The next chapter of our lives is intimidating. Physically, mentally, and financially we have been leaning on the community alone, since April 29, 2014. We have kept this particular part of our lives private, and now there has come a time when we must have transparency with you all in order to survive day to day and month to month."

She indicated that a future lawsuit might be possible but for now their goal is to focus on Christopher's healing.

"We know that our lives are going to continue to be stressed in all areas, and we thank you all for the support that you all give to us daily," she wrote. "Thank you everyone for your support in ALL areas, we appreciate every bit of it."

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