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Is it ethical to visit drought-stricken California?

The Wall Street Journal posted a harrowing update in California's ongoing drought ordeal: although farmers have in the past been able to avoid water shut-offs, this time is different.


I read the story today over lunch and looked down at my salad. I don't know actually know that the lettuce and tomatoes before me came from California but chances are something we'll eat this week did.

In a couple of months I am planning to attend a conference in Los Angeles. I am sure I will take a shower every day, brush my teeth multiple times a day, drink coffee and otherwise consume water.

The event will take place at a hotel/conference center that I'm sure has a swimming pool. As far as I know there are no activities involving golf courses, which are notoriously huge consumers of irrigation.

My question: is it ethical to visit a state so parched that the farmers who feed the nation are faced with dry spigots? Or do the tax dollars I will spend there enable the state to attack this historic dry spell?

Although it would primarily be a business trip I'm sure it'll be fun, too. I haven't made my travel arrangements yet and I'm really torn.

What would you do? Californians, what do you think?



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