Did "Hamilton" the musical save Hamilton the $10 bill?

So Alexander Hamilton is staying put on the $10 bill, while Andrew Jackson instead looks to get booted from the front of the $20 in favor of Harriet Tubman, Politico reports.

What role might the Broadway hit "Hamilton" - which on Monday won a Pulitzer for drama - have played in keeping the ten-spot as is?

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Notes Politico: "The movement to keep Hamilton on the $10 bill gathered strength after the Broadway musical named after the former Treasury Secretary and founding father became a runaway smash hit."

Here's Twitter's early response at news that Tubman, who led dozens of other slaves through the Underground Railroad, would replace Jackson:

She would be the first African American and second woman to grace American paper currency, the AJC reported last year amid early talk of a currency portraiture swap. Three women have appeared on US coins: Susan B. Anthony on the dollar coin, Sacagawea on the dollar coin; and a special-issue quarter coin featuring Helen Keller that was issued in Alabama, last year's report noted.

Miranda is likely to be pleased with the decision to keep his guy in place - and may even have helped seal the deal. Here's what he posted on Twitter about the matter recently:

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