Chris Hemsworth suits up on the Midtown set of Marvel's "Avengers"

Photo: Atlanta Filming

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Photo: Atlanta Filming

Marvel's latest "Avengers" movie has been filming in Midtown this week.

Chris Hemsworth, shown here getting suited up and ready for action, has been spotted nearby in his downtime. He and Robert Downey Jr., also part of this week's filming activity, each took in Cirque du Soleil's "Luzia" performance at Atlantic Station recently .

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On Monday, several of the stars will team up for a live performance benefiting recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. Scarlett Johansson came up with the idea and her colleagues RDJ, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and  Jeremy Renner are on board. Kenny Leon, the Tony Award-winning artistic director of Atlanta's True Colors Theatre Company, will direct the live reading of "Our Town," the classic 1930s play by Thornton Wilder.

Proceeds benefit the Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund at the Center for Popular Democracy.

“I want those audience members to know this is not just doing a star-studded event. This is coming together to do something that matters,” Leon said. “As artists we’re always looking in the mirror. It’s incumbent upon us to make our world the way we want to make it.”

Explore See this link for more information including how you can buy tickets to Monday's event.

The filming activity did impact traffic somewhat as is to be expected, but it also has been giving folks who work, live or just happened to be in the area an interesting reason to be outside this week and post fun photos like this one:

The scene was set in New York, judging from the NYFD fire truck and apparently featured some traffic mayhem:

Hopefully the businesses in the area were not adversely affected. A sign posted near the action made sure everyone knew that stores and restaurants were indeed open for business despite all the activity:

Other social posts from folks passing by suggest that people appreciated the heads up from production folks that the simulated calamity was all pretend: