Bobbi Kristina's relative took out a restraining order on her husband Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown's family has been gathering as she remains hospitalized with a reportedly grim condition. The web site Hip Hop Enquirer reports that Bobbi Kristina's husband Nick Gordon is "banned" from visiting her due to a "current restraining order."

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It's unclear whether a new order has been issued, but Bobbi Kristina's aunt Marion P. Houston, known as Pat, did petition the Fulton County Superior Court for a temporary protective order against Gordon in March 2014.

Photo credit: Maury Phillips

Credit: Jennifer Brett

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Credit: Jennifer Brett

At the time Gordon was directed to have no contact with "the petitioner or her/his immediate family," according to the order.

Gordon didn't stay away from Bobbi Kristina for long. She announced via Twitter that the two had married last year and has populated her busy feed with romantic posts about him.

And she posted this image paying tribute to her mom, the late Whitney Houston, in this tweet: