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Bobbi Kristina's beau Nick Gordon is now sober, brother says

Bobbi Kristina Brown's beau Nick Gordon has gone through rehab and is now sober, following his interview-turned-intervention with Dr. Phil.

The Dr. Phil show released this publicity photo to promote Nick Gordon's appearance. The interview was conducted recently in Atlanta.

PAST COVERAGE: Dr. Phil told Nick he was "out of control."

“You’ve threatened suicide," the television counselor told Nick during the interview, which was conducted in Atlanta. "You deserve to get some help because if you don’t, you know you’re going to wind up dead.”

Afterward, Dr Phil told “Extra” host Mario Lopez that he worried Nick “was intoxicated, violent, and a danger to himself.”

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Nick apparently heeded Dr. Phil's advice because he has gone through rehab and is now sober, his brother Jack Walker tells  “Extra’s” AJ Calloway.

“He's been off of drugs for almost seven weeks," Walker said. "He's actually surprised that he stayed, to be honest with you, he's like I'm proud of myself for staying I didn't think that I'd be able to do it, he's not the same person he was when he went in.”

PAST COVERAGE: Bobbi Kristina’s aunt blasts Nick Gordon’s visit to “Dr. Phil”

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt blames “evil person” for her plight

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During Walker's interview, which was conducted in Toledo, Ohio, Walker explained how Nick became an unofficial part of Bobbi Kristina's family.

“I was 12-years-old when I met Kris. We hung out a lot, then I found out she was friends with his ex-girlfriend at that point in time, we all started hanging out together,”  Walker said. When his mother and stepdad split up, "Nick decided to stay in Atlanta and eventually moved in with Bobbi Kristina and Whitney," Walker told Calloway.

“Krissy actually asked Nick because he was staying with one of our friends at that time and that friend got in trouble so Nick couldn't stay there anymore, so, Krissy knew that Nick didn't have anywhere to go, so she basically asked Whitney if he could come in, and she said yeah,” he said.

Walker went on to say that his brother's substance abuse began while Houston, who died in 2012 at age 48 after being found unresponsive in a bathtub, a plight heartbreakingly similar to her daughter's situation, was still alive.

“It was going on when Whitney was alive," he said. "I would be on the phone with Nick and I can hear Whitney asking for the stuff. Same stuff they were doing, it's the same situation, this wasn't something that just came about when Whitney died, this has been around since before Nick.”

Calloway pressed Walker on this issue, asking, “So Whitney was allowing drug use in the house?”  Answer: “Yeah, Yeah,  Definitely.”

“And participating?” Calloway asked.

“Mmmhmm, that I can tell you, yep,” Walker answered.


He said Nick and Bobbi Kristina had been out late the night before she was discovered unresponsive in a bathtub.

"I guess they went to a club the night before and that's where it all stemmed, they got in an argument from there and then it carried on to the house and they just went in separate parts of the room and that's as far as I know what went on there," he said. He said his brother would never harm his longtime friend turned girlfriend, who often referred to him as her "husband" even thought they are not legally married.

“He would want people to know he cares for Krissy, he loves her just as much as he did before and he's clean now," Walker said. "He's doing a lot better.”

You can watch the entire interview at this link.

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