T.I. addresses questions on his possible divorce

Actor-rapper T.I. sat down with FOX TV's "Dish Nation" for a discussion that touched on many topics, including word that his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottles had served him with divorce papers. The legal filing came right before the holidays.

Fox sent along this video clip of T.I. speaking to "Dish Nation's" Headkrack. The guys seem to be close enough friends that the host was able to ask a personal question -  how is Clifford Harris Jr. and family doing since the divorce news?

“Oh, I’m fine. Kids are great," he said. "They had a phenomenal Christmas. Baby’s phenomenal. Everybody’s doing great."

In other words, he didn't say much.

Just last week, T.I. released an open letter to President Barack Obama that touched on his years growing up, when the nation's first black president was still years away:

"As I reflect back on my teenage years when I heard my favorite rapper and person, Tupac Shakur, tell me we weren't ready for a black president, leaving me in nodding in agreement until you brought US the audacity of hope and reminded US that yes we can.

As you transition out of office, we continue to watch you carry out your final agenda with precision, integrity and purpose. That is what we will remember as signature Obama."

More recently he celebrated the double triumph the FX show "Atlanta" scored at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards: