Hawks player season review: Andrew White III

Andrew White defends J.J. O'Brien during a G-League game.
Andrew White defends J.J. O'Brien during a G-League game.

Andrew White III was one of several young players to get a chance with the Hawks this season when injuries thinned their depth on the wing. White signed a "two-way" contract Jan. 15, spent the next month with Erie in the G League and then went on to play 209 minutes over 15 games for the Hawks (179 of them non-garbage time, according to Cleaning the Glass).

Overall, White was an inefficient scorer with a 46.1 true shooting percentage. However, he was a high-volume and efficient 3-point shooter during college and in the G League, and he did the same during his rookie NBA season. More than a quarter of White’s shot attempts were 3’s, and he made 36.7 percent of them (18-for-49).

As expected because of his background and role with the Hawks, White operated mostly a catch-and-shoot player in the half court: 45 of his 73 field-goal attempts came after no dribbles, according to NBA tracking stats, and another 16 were in transition. White didn’t draw many fouls and rarely got to the rim.

White didn’t produce many blocks or steals, but he has good size with a strong frame and used those attributes well on defense. He collected 5.2 defensive rebounds per 36 minutes, and his opponents’ offensive rebounding percentage declined by 3.1 with him on the floor, per CTG.

If White join the Hawks for summer play, he’ll be in competition with at least four other wing prospects: DeAndre’ Bembry, Tyler Dorsey, Antonius Cleveland and Jaylen Morris. White has a size and strength advantage over those players and owns the best track record as a 3-point shooter. But he lacks Bembry and Dorsey’s playmaking ability and probably isn’t as athletic as Cleveland or Morris.

Still, White showed enough as a rookie that he likely will get a chance to catch on with the Hawks or some other NBA team.

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