TSA pledges fix to long lines at Hartsfield-Jackson by summer


The Transportation Security Administration this week acknowledged a problem with long lines at Hartsfield-Jackson International, and pledged to take action to address the issue before the busy summer travel season.

Airport officials are "rightfully concerned about delays, as we are," said TSA chief Peter Neffenger. He came to Atlanta to meet with officials from Hartsfield-Jackson and Delta Air Lines on Monday, after airport officials last month threatened to move toward privatizing security to address long lines.

Neffenger said the TSA will use more overtime to boost staffing, speed up training of new screeners, deploy more dog teams that augment human workers and try new techniques and wait-line configurations to speed the process.

Officials at the world's busiest airport had pushed for more staff and canine units. TSA says using dogs to sniff passengers for explosives can help to speed lines by allowing expedited screening.

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