Storms disrupt Thanksgiving travel in some parts of country

Storms have lead to flight disruptions in some parts of the country just as Thanksgiving travel picks up.

Weather in Atlanta is expected to be relatively mild for the holiday.

But that’s not the case in some other regions.

A snowstorm in Minnesota caused some disruptions for travelers Wednesday. Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines. which also has a hub at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, is waiving change fees for travelers with flights booked to, from or through Minneapolis for Wednesday who want to change their travel plans.

Southwest Airlines, the second-largest carrier in Atlanta behind Delta, also waived additional charges for passengers with Minneapolis flights booked Tuesday or Wednesday who wanted to change their travel plans.

That comes after a snowstorm in Denver disrupted some travel Tuesday.

Delta expects this Sunday Dec. 1 to be its busiest day of the Thanksgiving travel season.

However, it still isn’t expected to top Delta’s busiest day this year, which was Aug. 5, during the height of the summer travel season.

For Thanksgiving week, Delta expects a 2 percent increase in passenger counts from last year. The airline expects to carry 5.2 million passengers from Sunday Nov. 24 through Wednesday Dec. 3.