Proposal for Uber pickups at Hartsfield-Jackson in holding pattern

City of Atlanta officials may alter a proposal to legalize airport pickups by ride-share services Uber X and Lyft, while a delegation of city and airport officials made a trip to Newark last week to study that city's deal with Uber.

Airport officials have said they plan to require Uber X and Lyft drivers to submit to fingerprint-based background checks in order to pick up passengers at the airport.

That proposal unveiled in March drew staunch opposition from Uber and Lyft, raising the threat that those ride-share services would not serve Hartsfield-Jackson International if the airport’s proposal were put into place.

Atlanta officials are putting a hold on efforts to put in place new regulations that would officially legalize and regulate Uber X and Lyft pickups at Hartsfield-Jackson, as they look at changing the airport’s proposal.

Credit: Kelly Yamanouchi

Credit: Kelly Yamanouchi

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