PreCheck an option to tackle long security lines

In the ongoing struggle with long security lines,  Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport officials are pointing to the TSA PreCheck trusted traveler program as a possible antidote.

The Atlanta airport is encouraging employers to get their employees who travel frequently registered with the PreCheck program, which allows travelers the chance to go through expedited security screening with shorter lines.

Hartsfield-Jackson is also delivering the message to local chambers of commerce, encouraging them to consider PreCheck or the U.S. Customs and Border Protection trusted traveler program Global Entry.

Applying for PreCheck costs $85 for five years. You can start the process online or go to one of the TSA PreCheck application centers at Hartsfield-Jackson or elsewhere. The locations are called IdentoGO Centers and are run by contractor MorphoTrust.

Applying for Global Entry costs $100 and includes expedited Customs clearance and PreCheck eligibility.