Hartsfield-Jackson to write off $200,000 in unpaid rent from airport coffee shop

Hartsfield-Jackson International plans to write off more than $200,000 in unpaid rent from a business that operated a coffee shop in the airport's rental car center.

The Atlanta airport said IC BBCOA JV, also known as Israel Choi and Blue Basket COA, failed to pay rent. That led the city to terminate the lease in 2017.

"As of this date, the City has not been successful in recovering the past due amounts," the airport says in a document submitted to Atlanta City Council seeking approval for the write-off. The city council votes on write-offs of more than $10,000 that are deemed uncollectible.

The airport got approval in 2014 for a seven-year lease with IC BBCOA JV to operate a rental car center coffee and bakery concession at the rental car center. IC BBCOA JV beat out two other companies for the contract.

But in 2016, the airport sent a series of invoices to the company for unpaid balances. The total amount of unpaid debt that the airport plans to write off is $208,157.03.

The airport this year started a contracting process to find a new company to operate a food and beverage outlet at the rental car center.