Hartsfield-Jackson vending machine sells wi-fi hot spots

Source: Skyroam

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Source: Skyroam

Vending machines are an expanding area of airport concessions, selling an array of products ranging from cosmetics to electronics.

Among them is a vending machine at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport that sells wi-fi hot spots with a power bank.

The $149 Skyroam Solis global wi-fi devices are sold at InMotion stores at the Atlanta airport, as well as at a vending machine on Concourse E, according to Skyroam.  Using the wi-fi service with the device costs extra, priced at $9 a day. The company also rents wi-fi devices for $9.95 a day.

There are also Skyroam vending machines at airports in Oakland, Miami and Houston.

Hartsfield-Jackson has other kiosks for Best Buy Express, Fuel Rod chargers, CVS and Benefit Cosmetics, according to the airport’s website.

Other airports have Uniqlo vending machines selling vests and  other clothing and SouveNear vending machines that sell local souvenirs.